At the begging of the 80s car industry improved significantly when electronic units appeared. At first they had very simple functions. Gradually, electronics has advanced so much that today it is simply impossible to imagine cars without numerous computers. Modern computers usually have complex software which manage and control different car functions. One of the most important is the engine computer, better known as ECU (Engine Control Unit), which has highly complex software in charge of control and management of the entire engine function. Chip tuning is actually a software modification process in the engine computer (ECU) whose aim is to improve car performance. By modifying certain parameters car performance can be enhanced significantly, even extremely, which is the case in racing cars.

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Car Mechanics


We do all mechanical repairs on VW vehicles, BMW, Peugeot and Fiat vehicles, as well as on all other new generation vehicles. We successfully provide all electrical services, repair electronics, install sound and security systems and refill and clean car air-conditioning systems.



Only by using modern diagnostic devices it is possible to repair modern cars. Integrated vehicle electronic systems have ever greater communication speed which requires more complex and faster diagnostic systems. We use: VA S5052, Bosch KTS diagnosis and VAS6150A.

Wheel alignment


Wheel alignment is recommended in vehicles whose undercarriage parts were replaced (clamps,…bolt), also after hitting a hole on the road and if the parts loosen due to vibrations. Any well-intentioned mechanic would recommend wheel alignment to be done at least once a year (especially having in mind the condition of our roads)

Car body repairs and painting


We do car body repairs after serious accidents and painting on all kinds of vehicles.